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In September of 1858, there were folks who tried to organize this church. It was an on again off again endeavor and in September 1891 they were successful and the church has been in continual ministry since that time. The first pastor was Rev. E. Alward and the church aligned themselves with 5 other Baptist churches from the Eastern Kansas Baptist Association. In 1891 there were 19 members. The church then drew up a church covenant, the articles of Faith and the rules of order, and adopted them.


They then called Rev. G. W. Wilson as pastor and elected deacons, which were Isaac Graves and James Trant. They then elected Ella Graves Hale as church clerk and re-elected her each year for the next 50 years. The church met in the Christian Church until they could build their own building. They built that first building for $2,100. On the day they dedicated this building, the last of the funds needed were given and they opened it debt free.


The church had a long series of short term pastors until 1941 when F. E. Carter was called. He served until 1947. In October 1949, Rev. Mansel Campbell was called and the church grew. There were upgrades to the building, including the addition of classrooms. Rev. Campbell was pastor until March of 1955. Rev. Albert Urquhart was called at that time, however he passed away in October of that same year.


Rev. John Carter was called in January of 1956. There were additional upgrades to the building during this time, which included furnaces. On February 1, 1958, an all night prayer vigil was launched and went until 9am the next morning and revival shortly there after. Rev. Parker resigned in August of 1959.   


Rev. John Evans was called in January of 1960 and served until September of 1962.


On March of 1963 Rev. Leroy Davis was called as pastor. On February 15, 1965, he married Blanche Hinkle of Horton and they served until 1989. During his ministry, the new brick structure was built and has been enjoyed since that time. Also during his tenure, the church purchased a new organ, new piano, choir robes, and a new communion table.


In August of 1991, Pastor Jerry Boaz was called. During his time, the Family room was upgraded with a new kitchen, a Youth building was purchased at 511 east Elm, and new vans were purchased as needed. The church continued to operate debt free and has enjoyed various areas of ministry.  

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